March 18 on FM: Stop Telling Women / Anita Hill / Sex Itself

Hosted by Valecia Phillips & Ariana Manov, with Lynn Harris Ballen & Danielle Roderick :

This week on Feminist Magazine.
.. We talk with illustrator/painter/muralist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, taking on street harrasment with her traveling art series, “Stop Telling Women To Smile”. All about the impact of her work and how it’s enabling women to reclaim their power in public spaces.

Then… do you remember The Anita Hill Moment? That moment in 1991 when Anita Hill testified during the Supreme Court nomination hearings for Clarence Thomas? Her brave testimony riveted the country & she helped open a national debate about sexual harassment in the workplace.  A new documentary film: “Anita” opens this month, and Academy Award winning Director Freida Lee Mock joins us to tell us all about it.

Plus… how did X and Y become the scientific definition of sex in biology? Harvard Professor Sarah Richardson‘s work takes a deep look at questions of sex and human difference in scientific approaches, and how cultural gender norms affect both social and scientific theories about sex in our society. She joins us to talk about her new book “Sex Itself: The Search for Male and Female in the Human Genome.”

All this on Tuesday at 3. This Is What Feminism Sounds Like!


Photo Credit (front page) : Sarit Photography

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