Jan 28 on FM: ‘Hope Into Practice’/WOC Food Activism/Virginity as Commodity

Hosted by Ariana Manov, Valecia Phillips & Sese Abejon : …  How can we negotiate the complicated intersections of anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli occupation work? Life-long rabblerouser for justice, Dr. Penny Rosenwasser takes on the most explosive issues in American Jewish life today—racism and anti-Semitism, victimization and privilege, and Jewish politics around Israel and Palestine.  She makes an activist’s call for “Hope Into Practice: Jewish Women Choosing Justice Despite Our Fears”. And she outlines a vision of a progressive Jewishness for a multi-cultural 21st Century. It’s a liberating lesson for us all!
… Then, how can food activism become the basis for a group of young low-income women of color taking community change into their own hands? Pam Phillips interviews South Bronx food activist Tanya Fields – telling us about Tanya’s journey as a single mother and her community inspired work founding The BLK Projek. It’s a grassroots program that’s working to combat food injustice and create good food for low-income people, using urban agriculture and innovative small business strategies in community.
[This is an interview from the podcast Dare To Use the F-Word– a project of Barnard College and the Barnard Center for Research on Women, bringing you stories about a new generation of feminists.]
… And –about this “virginity” thing! It has launched both purity balls and porn franchises, and defines a young woman’s morality — but has no medical definition. How To Lose Your Virginity takes us into the magical world of virginity, where a white wedding dress can restore a woman’s innocence and replacement hymens can be purchased online. Filmmaker Therese Shechter explores why our sex-crazed society cherishes this so-called “precious gift”, purity as a commodity and the virgin-whore complex.
On Tuesday afternoon at 3, this is what feminism sounds like!


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