Nov 20 on FM: Changing the World, ‘Feminist’ film, FemMag Reads!

Hosted by Ariana Manov and Lynn Harris Ballen :  What’s it gonna take to make global systemic changes in the power structures which create and perpetuate women’s inequality? Shalini Nataraj, the Director of Advocacy and External Relations for the Global Fund for Women, takes us beyond the politics of humanitarian aid and militarization and has some ideas about authentic empowerment for our new Secretary of State.

Are you a …. Feminist? When someone whispered the question to filmmaker Jennifer Lee, she answered yes. But she realized that, though she called herself a feminist, she didn’t know the history of the women’s liberation movement.  So … she decided to take a personal journey and ask feminists themselves!  Her interviewees included Betty Friedan (in her last video interview), Robin Morgan, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Frances Beal, Sonia Pressman Fuentes, Gloria Steinem, and many many others.   And the result, that she’s just finished editing, is Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberation, a film exploring the significance of the second wave of the women’s liberation movement on our lives.

And… FemMag Reads is coming your way! Introducing our new commentators, Meg Wade and Danielle Roderick, talking feminist books — hot new releases, classics, international works, forgotten novels and books they’re just plain excited about. Meg is a curator/bookseller at local indie bookstore, Skylight Books, and Danielle writes for Ms Magazine and more. They’ll tell us what they’re reading right now and what they think makes a book feminist. And we’ll be hearing from them every month with an in-depth look at one book they both love, plus books they recommend. Join them on our FemMag Reads blog and goodreads page too, and let’s all share our reading lists and favorite books!

Tuesday afternoon at 3 — This is what feminism sounds like!



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