March 7 on FM: Celebrating International Women’s Day!

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? This week on Feminist Magazine we celebrate and ‘interrogate’ this historic day for women!
We talk to Emily Heroy of Gender Across Borders about their annual Blog Day for IWD, where bloggers and humanitarian organizations will be writing and tweeting on the theme “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures”
And then we bring you two amazing So Cal grassroots groups who are working for women and girls – creating, teaching and making whole, shaking up and revolutionizing. Felicia Montes and Amber Rose Gonzalez join us from Mujeres de Maiz, and Myra Duran from AF3IRM (the Association of Filipinas & Feminists Fighting Imperialism, Re-feudalization, & Marginalization.)
We’ll hear about their upcoming International Women’s Day events, and what IWD means to them today, right here and right now in L.A. and beyond.

PLUS spoken word poets and performers from these events join us live and in studio – to Celebrate!
We welcome Pinay poet Janice Sapigao, bad-ass feminist emcee Cihuatl Ce, and queer Tamil Sri L.A.nkan American artist D’Lo. With performances from Climbing Poetree and Fe, featuring Izkalli.

All this on Wednesday March 7 from 7-8pm on KPFK 90.FM. with co-hosts: Celina Alvarez & Denise Zepeda, Lynn Harris Ballen & Ariana Manov.    THIS is what Feminism sounds like!

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