November 9th on FM: Feminist artists ‘Doin’ It In Public’ & Decolonizing Your Diet

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen, Christene Kings and Monique Meza


Lili Lakich - Vacany/No Vacancy

We’re “Doin’ It In Public” & talking all about the Women’s Building feminist art exhibit at Otis College of Art and Design.  Curators Meg Linton & Sue Maberry, plus artists Cheri Gaulke & Cheryl Swannack, join us in studio. Hear how this exhibit documents and pays tribute to the groundbreaking work of feminist artists and art cooperatives at the Los Angeles Woman’s Building right here in downtown L.A. during the ’70s and ’80s.

The feminist art movement of the 1970s set off an explosion of art-making and analysis that continues to reverberate in the art world today, and the Woman’s Building was one of its epicenters. Hear stories of this woman-created space and the collaborative work they created!

And…. what feeds you? We’ll talk about ‘Decolonizing Your Diet‘ – How are culture, ethnicity, & class linked to experiences of hunger & fulfillment?’ Our guests, panelist Professor Luz Calvo and moderator Raquel Gutierrez, tell us about this upcoming Panel. A conversation that’s part of the Cornerstone Theater’s ‘ Creative Seeds city-wide project. All about how hunger, social justice & food equity issues connect.

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(left: Creative Seeds; center: Woman’s Building founders; right: ‘The Waitresses’/Woman’s Building)


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  1. Maria Karras says:

    Link to November 10-Feminist Art podcast not working for me. Also not working-decolonizing your diet, please advise.

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    Hi there links have been corrected (KPFK archives were upgraded recently) thanks for letting us know!