FM April 27: Sisterhood City, Deliver This! & Where is your Line?

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen and Alicia Fry.

How did the politics, history, and geography of  Southern California make it the perfect place for the genesis of a rich tradition in feminist art? Hear all about Sisterhood City: Feminist Art in Los Angeles– from a recent panel at the LA Art show – with historian Betty Ann Brown and artists Linda Vallejo and Cheri Gaulke.

And… author Marisa Cohen weighs in on debates over best childbirth practices from her book Deliver This!, based on interviews with 100 plus women on their childbirth experiences. She talks options from the most home-like to the most high-tech, discussing how a woman’s decision about childbirth is central to her politics, identity, and personality. And how informed choice can be limited by peer pressure and accessibility.

Plus – as we come to the end of Sexual Assault Awareness month – hear from Ellen Snortland about the self defense classes, verbal strategies & awareness skills at IMPACT Personal Safety.
And we meet Nancy Schwartzman – director of the documentary The Line, a fearless and provocative personal film that chronicles her personal journey after she is raped – exploring the line of consent, justice, accountability. And her grassroots work creating educational and open space for a sex-positive dialogue asking ‘where is your line?’

That’s all coming up on Wednesday April 27th at 7pm. This is What Feminism Sounds Like!

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(left: Sisterhood City: Feminist Art in Los Angeles; middle: Deliver This! ; right: Nancy Schwartzman)0427111

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