July 7 on FM: Politics of (Feminist) Theater

Hosted by Ariana Manov and Lynn Harris Ballen

All the world’s a stage –but in Los Angeles, does small theatre even matter? Are relevance, popularity and economic survival mutually exclusive? And what about the women –from a feminist perspective? We’ve put together a roundtable including Dorie Baizley from East/West Players, Leilani Chan from Teada (a POC theater company), DeeJae Cox and Michele Weiss from the L.A. Women’s Theatre Project, and Sara Guerrero from Breath of Fire Latina Theater ensemble. Writer/actress Donna Jo Thorndale and her alter-ego Jewell Rae Jeffers bring us some gastro-politico sass! Plus Jennie O’Donnell gives us a peek into “The Oblivion Series”. And, for KPFK subscribers (thanks to you all!), we’ve got free tickets to some fine productions!

[left: L.A. Women’s Theatre Project; middle: Donna Jo Thorndale All Cake, No File ; right: Teada (a POC theater company)]070710

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