May 27 on FM: ‘Epidemic Proportions’, SolArt Gallery, Migrant Rights & Healthcare Reform

Hosted by Melissa Chiprin and Ariana Manov

They will dialogue with Kristy Lovich, collective co-founder of Studio Cuarenta Y Tres of their recent event, “Epidemic Proportions,” designed to use the visual arts, spoken word, and performance in order to address xenophobia, racism, sexism, and homophobia as they are shaped by the use of “The Epidemic” in the United States.

And, they will have a conversation with Sali Heráldez, Creative Director and Founder of SolArt Gallery and Design and, SolArt Radio. Their mission -promote solidarity through all the arts. SolArt believes that art and politics are not mutually exclusive and that they are most successful when they are brought together. S olArt’s staff is composed by local Santa Ana women who have spent most of their adult lives balancing their passion for local activism with a commitment for the arts in every medium.

But first, Yuisa Gimeno a socialist feminist organizer for L.A. Radical Women focuses on the struggle for immigrant rights and on health care reform to analyze strategies and tactics –from a very radical political veteran’s perspective.

(left: L.A. Radical Women;  middle: SolArt Gallery and Design;  right: Studio Cuarenta Y Tres event, “Epidemic Proportions”)052709

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  1. Harold says:

    I am worried about the Healthcare Law. Can it cause negative reprocussions to my mothers budget? Do the improvements to healthcare counterbalance the bad changes?