Mar 4 on FM: Pink Underwear Protest, Women on Immigration & Divas of Domesticity

Hosted by Ariana Manov and Lynn Harris Ballen

Proving that cultural context means a lot, Kavita Ramdas introduces “The Consortium of Pub-Going, Loose, Forward Women” and brings us its in-your-face political protests against Hindu fundamentalism involving pink “chaddis” (women’s underwear)! These bold and brazen activists sure have ovaries!  Would their organizing efforts work in this country? For more info email:

We’ll introduce the work of 40 amazing artists in the show: Women Artists on Immigration: Crossing Borders, Confronting Barriers, Bridging Identities. Curator Alma Ruiz, exhibiting artist Niku Kashef and Sandra Mueller of the Women’s Caucus for Art will share the multiple perspectives of these artists…. on memory, struggles for legalization and immigration reform.  And we’ll learn more about Saturday’s special artist conversation event, in celebration of international women’s day. It’s happening at the Korean Cultural Center Art Gallery . For more info:  (323) 936-7141 or

Nataki Garrett, Kila Kitu and Tamika Simkins represent Black women declaring their own “State of the Union”, a theatrical ensemble work of new words and video, insight and comedy that examines the dramatic characteristics of contemporary black womanhood. Presented by Company of Angels at the Alexandria Hotel in downtown Los Angeles and directed by Ayanna Cahrr and Nataki Garrett, the production includes plays by Sigrid Gilmer, Josslyn Luckett, Lisa B. Thompson & Nia Witherspoon; scenes by Michelle Flowers & Paul Mabon; poems by Ruth Forman; performances by Lony’e Perrine, Lee Sherman, and video by Cauleen Smith. For more info: (323)883-1717 or

And then, “It’s the Housewives” a comic rock musical about the most unlikely girl group in rock ‘n roll history.  With a book by Hope Juber and Ellen Guylas and songs like: “In Sink And At Your Disposal”, “Ironing Bored”, “The Reynold’s Rap” and “I’ve Been Defrosting All Day”, by composer lyricist Juber and her husband Lawrence Juber, the “divas of domesticity” play at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks. (323) 960-5563 or

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